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About The Filipino-American Bulletin


Here’s a brief look into the Filipino-American Bulletin, Washington State’s largest Filipino community newspaper. Now on its 20th year of service, the FAB is a broad-sheet that lives up to its billing as the leading purveyor of balanced news and relevant views. Written, edited and produced by veteran journalists and media practitioners, the FAB serves the needs of the state’s largest population of Asian Pacific Americans (APAs).

For a publication that is released monthly, the FAB hews close to an editorial philosophy that focuses on vital community concerns and issues. Through carefully picked top-flight reporters, columnists and opinion writers, the paper is regarded as Washington State Filipino-American community’s “more critically engaged” crusader. The Fil-Am Bulletin’s Editorial Board is committed not only to quality reading fare but to fair, balanced and relevant reporting of local news and views.

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Maraming Salamat Po.

Correspondents and Contributing Writers

Precy Morente (Social Diary) - Popular community social whirler, socio-civic personality, fashion model, culture vulture of sorts, ballroom dancing habitué, etc. who is into almost all events and socials that are meaningful and worth attending. Her popular monthly features are imitated but hardly equaled.

Mart Martell (Letter from New York) - Palanca Award-winning playwright and veteran adman from Manila who now resides in the Big Apple and in New Jersey. Wit, wry humor and a strong sense of history has always been part of his cup. A terrific read any time.

Bob Friedlander (Carpadiem) - A top-flight marketing executive, this former Ateneo economics graduate, tennis buff and cross-country runner oversees a novel social services program in Seattle that affords him deep and uncommon insight into community issues.

J.P. Paredes (Point of View) - Former legislative aide in the old Philippine Batasan and a law practitioner when he was in Manila, this young father is a lead fisherman for grants at the University of Washington. His viewpoints on key political issues in the U.S. and in the homeland betray a mature and solid grounding in the tricky affairs of government.

Greg Castilla (Movements and Currents) - Long regarded as one of the community's few true PhDs, this serious book author and writer from the Ateneo de Naga is also a fun-loving basketball star and organizer. His prolific pen runs a colorful gamut of socio-cultural and political topics, all so appealing in simplicity and logic. He is presently connected with the federal government as a head trainer of social services programs.

Greg Macabenta (Street Talk) - California-based nationally and internationally syndicated columnist who once was president of the largest Filipino advertising agency in the Philippines. His award-winning writings reflect a broad understanding of issues that impact Filipinos everywhere.

Sluggo Rigor (Between the Lines) - A WW II veteran's son, former advertising and media practitioner in Manila, cartoonist and humor-writer, he also once served as information attaché. A Seattle resident since 1985, he also pioneered in community broadcasting. He writes about almost anything "of consequence."

Pinky R. Farolan - Manila-based columnist and former stage actress. This product of the Diliman Republic is also a consummate environmentalist and humanist. She was partly raised in New York and then Fort William McKinley in Manila.

Joy R. Molleston (Joy to the World) - A physician who once was a travel correspondent for a leading magazine in Manila, she is now based in Tacoma and is actively into doing public service for a major physicians' organization. She is a travel bug who has done extended trips all over the world.


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